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In 1989, we as dog lovers came in contact with the breed Rottweiler, a lovely, loyal, very sweet girl and soon the idee was born to start breeding healty dogs with this kind of character. Several years later we also closed the Bernese Mountaindog in our heart, and we learn to know two breeds that are watchful, sweet and very hard working.


After years of having fun with the Rottweiler we currently only have Bernese Mountain Dogs.


For a stable reliable character of the dogs,a good socialisation, education and enough timespending on the dogs are necessary. Also, these dogs like to go for a long walk every day. We are very selective in choosing the correct parent combination. Our dogs are examined on HD and ED before are used in our breeding program.


For further information on the purchase of a Bernese puppy or concerning looking afther a Bernese Mountiandog you can contact us without any obligations.

Family Oomen.